Adjunct Computer Programming Instructor

Job title: Adjunct Computer Programming Instructor

Company: State of South Carolina

Job description: Job Responsibilities

Provide students with course syllabus, grading/attendance policy, and other relevant information in a timely manner; relate instructional materials, discussions, and examples and illustrations; pace the instructor over the academic term; provide students with timely assessments; return assessment results in timely manner; relate assessments to course objectives; follow acceptable department and college grading policies; utilize appropriate instructional technology; maintain a positive environment for optimum student performance. Submit reports in timely manner; practice effective class management; prioritize duties and use time wisely; adhere to class schedules and meeting times; provide effective classroom/lab supervision; maintain accurate records; handle students’ work and records in professional manner; perform other duties as required.

Minimum and Additional Requirements

Baccalaureate in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems or any comparable equivalent of education and experience. Preferred: Master’s Degree in related field with 18 graduate hours in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems or any comparable equivalent of education and experience and/or previous teaching experience. Object-oriented and web programming skills. Proficiency with Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite. One or more of the following: proficiency with multiple object oriented programming languages, web programming experience, proficiency in creating and maintaining databases.

Preferred Qualifications

Ability to provide excellence in teaching by communicating and interacting effectively with students enrolled in courses within the program area. Ability to use learning management system to communicate with students, faculty, and staff. Possess organizational skills to submit grades, reports, and records in a timely manner. Ability to keep student records and adhere to course schedules. Ability to ensure the course is taught in accordance with the established syllabi. Ability to supervise students and adhere to campus public safety directives. Ability to work flexible hours and evenings as needed. Ability to travel within the service areas.

Additional Comments

Please attach a copy of your Unofficial Transcripts and/or Certifications for full consideration. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Expected salary:

Location: York County, SC

Job date: Sat, 14 May 2022 07:50:28 GMT

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