Case Manager – Charleston

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Job title: Case Manager – Charleston

Company: State of South Carolina

Job description: Job Responsibilities

Under general supervision they will be responsible for the preparation of child support cases for Family court; performance of activities in the courtroom under the supervision of DSS attorneys; the follow-up on these cases, including parent locate and processing of interstate cases; and is responsible for providing general child support services to clients as required or needed.


Communication with other units within the Office of Integrated Child Support Services and other components within the Department of Social Services; adds support order data to IVD system, as well as financial information to ensure distribution of collections.

25% – Essential – MAINTAINS & EVALUATES

Maintains case records, case narrative recordings written and electronically (into agency designated system) for documentation and auditing purposes as required by agency policy in a timely and accurate manner. Maintains control of assigned caseload; responsible for identifying and making recommendations on problems with the child support system and participating in the solutions. Examples of possible areas would be service of process and scheduling of cases.

25% – Essential – SERVICES & SUPPORT

Refers appropriate non-custodial parents to the SNAP Employment and Training program. Interprets child support services programs to clients, general public, and to the community as needed. Provides services in accordance to agency policy and procedure.


Conducts interviews with custodial parents for paternity cases, interstate support cases, and other cases as necessary. Ensures personal identifying information (PII) is properly used, accessed, gathered, shared and disposed; protects the agency networks and applications by safeguarding systems, equipment and data. Other duties as assigned by supervision.

Minimum and Additional Requirements

A high school diploma and relevant program experience. A bachelor’s degree may be submitted for the required program experience.

Expected salary: $29000 – 31000 per year

Location: Charleston, SC

Job date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 07:42:49 GMT

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