CWS Case Manager – Foster Care / 61014262

State of South Carolina

Job title: CWS Case Manager – Foster Care / 61014262

Company: State of South Carolina

Job description: Do you have a passion to provide meaningful contributions to your community? Would you like to be part of an organization whose central mission is helping to protect, stabilize and strengthen the lives of South Carolina’s children, families, and vulnerable adults? If so, the SC Department of Social Services has the right job opportunity for you!

Job Duties:

  • The CWS Case Manager perform specialized case management in the areas of foster care.
  • Provides placement services for children who have been removed from caretakers due to abuse/neglect. Assess the safety and the risk to these children monthly. Participates in court hearings and Foster Care Review Board hearings. Provides case management services according to agency policy and procedures. Perform intake or after hour on call duties as required and/or directed.
  • Participates in the Family Court process according to the sate law and agency policy. Cooperate with police, attorneys, counselors and other partners. Collaborates with attorney and supervisor to complete the necessary summaries, home studies, judicial reviews, petitions and make recommendations as needed to detail problems and what the agency feels will reduce risk to the children. Participates in Foster Care Review Board.
  • Determines SSBG funding or eligibility for clients. Performs job delivery and/or performance with positive or appropriate customer services and delivery to clients, the public and co-workers as an integral requirement.
  • Conduct intake, screening, investigation and assessment of reported child abuse/neglect or exploitation cases. Provides services for children and families for child abuse/neglect/exploitation cases identifying all needs of the parents, children and caregivers. Make home visits as required by the agency policy and applicable laws. Completes safety and risk assessments monthly during face to face visits incorporating the elements of Signs of Safety. Participate in agency and/or professional staffings on child abuse/neglect or exploitation cases as required.
  • Participates in Red Cross training and shelter duty or other emergency shelter duty/services as directed.

Agency Requirements:

A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Behavioral Science, or Social Science.

A Bachelor’s Degree in any other field and one (1) year experience in a related field.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a Social Work or Social Welfare Program accredited by the Council on accredited institution, plus experience as a professional Social Worker.

This application for employment with the SC Department of Social Services must be completed in its entirety. A resume may be included; but shall not be substituted in lieu of the completion of this application in part or in whole. “See Resume” is not acceptable information for the completion of any part of the requirements of this application. If such is submitted, this employment application will be considered incomplete and may not be forwarded as eligible for consideration to hiring managers.

Must possess a valid driver’s license, be able and willing to drive and to transport children and adults; must be able to lift children and to interact with children and adults in a positive manner. May require overtime hours to include weekends and work during natural disaster or deployment of staff in State issued emergency responses.

If you certify, by completion and submission of this application, that you possess educational credentials that qualify you for the available DSS positions, you will be required to provide a certified official transcript, if you are selected for job offer.

Division: CWS- Foster Care / Union County

*Important Salary Information*

With the recent implementation of the Child Welfare salary plan funded by the General Assembly beginning in July 2021, front line case managers and supervisors will not only earn higher starting salaries when joining DSS than in previous years, but will also enjoy supplements to their starting salaries upon completion of training and competencies, attainment of BSW/MSW degrees for front line case managers, annual increases for years of continuous service, and salary increases upon attainment of established competencies/certifications for moving into Level 2 and Level 3 salaries.

New Child Welfare case managers will earn a starting salary of at least $41,200 during initial certification, depending on education level and degree type, with up-front starting salary supplements of 2.5% ($42,230) and 5% ($43,260) for candidates holding a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, respectfully. Following completion of training certification, assignment of caseloads with one year of completed experience, quarterly adjustments will be made to move successful trainees into the Level 1 salary bracket and will receive at least a 15% salary increase (adjusting their salary to $47,380, $48,564 or $49,749 depending on degree type) at that time.

Annual salary increases of up to 0.50% per year will be awarded on a quarterly basis for each consecutive year a Level 1 case manager remains in his/her class/position.

In January of 2022, DSS rolled out additional opportunities for case managers to progress from Level 1 to Levels 2 and 3, with increases in salary averaging 5% for each increase in the case manager’s level of expertise under the salary plan. Level 2 and 3 child welfare staff will also see accelerated annual increases of 1% to 1.5% per year awarded for each continuous year served in his/her class/position. Progression from Level 1 to Levels 2 and 3 requires completion of specified requirements in the Advancement Pathway which include additional training, skill development, and practice model aligned competencies that increase in complexity as the career path progresses. Case reviews, data compliance reviews, field observations and employee self-assessments are used by supervisors to evaluate eligible employees’ demonstration of competencies and skills prior to approval to advance to the subsequent level.

Expected salary: $29061 – 53769 per year

Location: Union County, SC

Job date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 08:39:27 GMT

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