Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Virtual Hiring Event

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

We are looking for the right candidate who has at least 3 years of hands-on manufacturing safety experience and is looking to take the next step towards a management role after joining our company and demonstrating their capabilities. We are looking for a candidate who is enthusiastic in taking on greater challenges, is willing to train employees in multiple safety areas and is eager to grow their career.

You would be stepping into the flagship manufacturing facility for our company with a great opportunity to:

  • Build on our successful safety program and culture
  • Be ready to take on new challenges and projects
  • Position yourself to assume a management role after learning and making a positive impact in your role

Role Specific Needs:

  • General knowledge of OSHA and EPA regulations required
  • Maintain filing & data entry related to EHSS activities and reports
  • Willing to work in a manufacturing environment with employees and managers in order to successfully implement and monitor the corporate safety and environmental programs
  • Train employees & managers on environmental, health, safety and security policies and procedures/content as needed
  • Working/training employees, in classroom and at a 1:1 level is a must
  • Maintain & modify policies/procedures for site-specific accuracy for environmental, health, safety


  • Maintain detailed training records as required by the EPA
    • Stormwater, Air permitting, NH3, Wastewater, Waste reduction, Sustainability, and other TN regulatory issues.
  • Coordinate with consultant
    • Environmental policies
    • Coordinate delivery of environmental data for completion of required regulatory reports
    • Ensure that outside vendors / contractors are following environmental regulations while working onsite
  • Assist in site specific environmental auditing and act as the site liaison with auditors


  • Assist in on-site industrial hygiene (IH) studies
  • Monitor onsite audiometric and respiratory protection programs
  • Follow-up/report to site leadership team on IH action items
  • Assist with employee fit-for-duty program support
  • Ensure employees are provided with proper PPE & use of it
  • Assist with COVID related activities, testing, and reports


  • Train employees & managers on all safety and emergency actions
  • Maintain detailed training records as required by OSHA
  • Coordinate all safety related product implementation according to national contracts, work with outside vendors to place orders
  • Ensure employees are provided with proper PPE & use of it
  • Provide recommendations on site-specific safety improvements for personnel/machinery/equipment
  • Investigate incidents / injuries / occupational illnesses to determine root cause, submit detailed reports and conduct follow-up corrective actions
  • Assist in site-specific safety auditing
  • Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, and to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and corporate safety program
  • Assist in developing “Job Safety Analysis” documentation
  • Meet with vendors prior to onsite construction projects to ensure they are following corporate safety policies while they are onsite
  • Co-manage workers’ compensation claims and related programs and reporting
  • Co-chair safety committee meetings


  • Report security incidents to Corporate Sr. EHS Manager
  • Assist in site specific security auditing
  • Work with Corporate Sr. EHS Manager to implement security measures / policies

Technical requirements

Thank you for registering for the virtual interview.

In order to get the interview set up properly, please send your resume immediately to: jjordan@riviana.com

Looking forward to learning more about you and your background.

What to prepare

  • Provide resume to Jimira Jordan – jjordan@riviana.com

Preferred dress code

Casual (come as you are, but please be presentable)

What is a virtual hiring event?

Virtual hiring events are a great way for employers and jobseekers to connect, even if they aren’t in the same physical location. Hiring is a human process, and they would like to talk with you online (either through chat, on the phone, or video) to see if you’re a fit!

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