LSE QA Apprentice

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Job Details
Estimated: $44,000 – $56,000 a year1 hour ago
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Associate’s degree
Full Job Description
Purpose of Position

Learn to perform and document independent inspections and or receiving inspections in accordance with documented procedures, purchase order requirements, established acceptance criteria (standards), and industry practices, as defined in the implementing documents as a trainee for achieving initial qualification/certification in assigned inspection discipline(s).

Major Responsibilities

Learn to perform independent inspections to determine the compliance of processes, activities, structures, systems and components (SSCs) to specified acceptance criteria.Learn to perform receiving inspections to ensure procured items are in compliance with the purchase order requirements, established inspection criteria, applicable drawings, specifications, national codes and standards, etc.

Work from appropriate procedures, codes, specifications, standards, drawings, inspection tools/techniques, items, components, activities, and inspection planning and reporting methods.

Achieve and maintain division specific qualifications. Learn to perform documentation functions associated within inspection records, logs, work orders and other related documentation.

Apply job skill proficiencies in inspection techniques and the use of inspection tools, equipment, measurement standards, measuring and test equipment (M&TE) and related instrumentation.Learn to perform independent inspection activities in accordance with approved procedures and work instructions.Learn to perform measurements and verify output of M&TE. Learn to read and understand procedures to allow verification of essential or specified inspection criteria.Learn to perform mathematical calculations as required to determine correct values or make conversions.

Clearance Required to Perform Job?


Basic Education Qualifications

High school diploma, GED, or other equivalent State Credential

Preferred Qualifications

Associate degree preferred.

This is an entry level trainee position for achieving initial qualification/certification in assigned inspection discipline(s). Until achieving certification, inspection performance will be under the observation and supervision of qualified/certified inspection personnel.

Ability to obtain and maintain radiological training.

Competency #1

Deliver Results

Competency Description #1

Understand job responsibilities and be accountable for results.

Meet goals and strive for customer satisfaction and corporate success.

Make sound workplace and business decisions.

Keep commitments and promises.

Plan work in a responsible manner, balancing company goals vs. schedule, budget, safety and resources.

Elevate issues early to avoid surprises.

Competency #2

Shape the Future

Competency Description #2

Adapt and perform consistently under changing requirements and dynamic work situations.

Take initiative to offer or try a new approach to make the team and the company more successful.

Foster business success by offering and supporting different perspectives.

Continuously improve in job performance.

Take on stretch or rotational assignments to support company initiatives and achieve self development.

Competency #3

Build Relationships

Competency Description #3

Build and maintain good working relationships with everyone.

Maintain a customer-focused attitude and strive to satisfy the customer.

Communicate in a clear, respectful manner with everyone. Publicly recognize others for a job well done.

Provide open and timely feedback regarding meeting and delivering commitments.

Competency #4

Energize & Recognize Team

Competency Description #4

Work with team members to ensure team, department, and divisional goals are met.

Communicate in a clear, respectful manner with team and management.

Collaborate and share with other team members to promote knowledge transfer.

Mentor, guide, and provide assistance to newer employees.

Promote teamwork and support other members of the organization.

Ask for help and support when needed.

Recognize colleagues for their achievements.

Competency #5

Model Excellence

Competency Description #5

Behave in a professional manner demonstrating integrity, ethics, and a high standard of values.Deliver your work with pride and ownership.Respect others’ knowledge, skills, and experiences.Seek to appropriately identify and resolve challenges.Work to make the organization, company, and mission more successful.Apply Continuous Improvement processes to work scopes to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.Strive to exceed expectations in task completion.Embrace the company’s culture of service, excellence, and stewardship.Take personal responsibility to care for equipment and resources.Adhere to conduct of operations principles.

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