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Job title: RN Per Diem

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: JOB TITLE: Registered Nurse � JOB SUPERVISOR: Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) � JOB PURPOSE OR MISSION: The Registered Nurse provides clinical and administrative support to the unit.� The RN performs therapeutic measures prescribed and delegated by the physician.� The RN participates in patient education and rehabilitation, and provides interpretation of treatment to the patient and the patient?s family.� The RN coordinates unit activity and assures accountability of assigned tasks. � � ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS include, but are not limited to: � Demonstrates clinical knowledge of psychiatric nursing and maintains the highest quality of comprehensive patient care.�PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:� Displays effective communication skills as evidenced by ability to initiate and maintain therapeutic relationships with patients as observed by supervisor. Is able to set limits as needed by recognizing potential behavior problems and does so in a caring and consistent manner as evidenced by direct observation of the supervisor. Utilizes knowledge of growth and development, psychopathology and psychosocial systems as evidenced by accurate assessments, participation in staffing and case conferences and recognizing and responding appropriately to symptoms and behavior. Has an accurate knowledge of psycho-dynamics and therapeutic process as demonstrated by effective intervention and resolution of problems as they occur and communication of the processes to there, as evidenced by direct observation of the supervisor. Displays understanding of family dynamics by responding appropriately to family members as evidenced by accurate documentation of interactions and responses. Possesses and understanding of group dynamics as evidenced by active participation in therapeutic groups and information. Displays a respect for patient?s integrity as evidenced by maintenance of confidentiality of patient information. Demonstrates good clinical judgement through ability to make independent decisions as evidenced by supervisor. Has a comprehensive knowledge of existing policies and procedures and utilize the written standards stated as evidenced by independent functioning and carrying out the philosophy of the Nursing Department. Consistently documents in the patient?s record all pertinent clinical information on a daily basis, which includes all unusual incidents. May perform venipuncture to obtain blood samples for testing. ���� Utilizes the nursing process, which includes assessments, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation. � PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: � Consistently completes all nursing assessments accurately within 24 hours of admission as evidenced by nightly chart audits and monthly QA review. A Treatment Plan will be initiated within 24 hours and completed within 72 hours after admission and be based on the initial assessment as evidenced by nightly chart audits and monthly QA review. The Treatment Plan will be comprehensive and accurately reflect nursing diagnosis, planning, and intervention based on utilization of current theory and specific principles. The Treatment Plan will be updated a minimum of one time per week and the evaluation of the care rendered shall reflect an accurate description of the current nursing diagnosis and/or resolution of problems as evidenced by weekly staffing. Will participate in discharge planning and referrals as evidenced by appropriate documentation in Treatment Plan, progress notes and Nursing Discharge Summary. Utilized Treatment Plans as a means to communicate nursing care to entire treatment team by reviewing it in each patient?s weekly staffing, as evidenced by documentation.


: MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS � Must have at least six months experience as a nurse in a health care setting, or at least one-year general nursing experience, and be eligible for on-the-job-training or the equivalent.� Must have at least an academic diploma in nursing and be licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in Mississippi. � � SPECIAL SKILL AND KNOWLEDGE REQUIREDMENTS:� � Must be eligible to qualify for CPI and CPR certification. Demonstrates leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.� Current Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) certification; current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification.�PHYSICAL REQUIREMNTS:�Overall physical workload is medium. Must be able to transport, move and assist patients who are immobile.� Ability to communicate orally and in writing with others.� Must be mobile throughout the facility and system entities to attend meeting and make rounds.� Position requires flexible hours.� Frequent sitting for long periods of time.� Occasional operation of standard office equipment and computer.� Frequent answering/using of telephone.� Occasional conflict resolution; constant attention to multiple details.� Frequent problem solving and decision making.� Occasional exposure to stressful situations.� Occasional exposure to body fluids and disinfectants.� :

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Location: Louisville, MS

Job date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 08:29:43 GMT

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