Service Representative / Delivery Driver – Leland

Job Description

Position:                Delivery Driver

Reports to:            Delivery Supervisor

Basic Purpose:      As a Delivery Personnel Person, your basic job standard is to deliver Anheuser-Busch products, achieve your route’s share of the marketing objectives as set forth by the Team Leader and Sales Manager. 

Basic Requirementss:

  • Commercial driver’s license; Class A or D
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Basic communication skills

Assigned Tasks:

Develop Existing Accounts

  • Execute all authorized promotions
  • Placement of Anheuser-Busch paper P.O.S. materials
  • Communicate any product defencies to the pre-salesman to prevent out of stocks or weekend deliveries
  • You are expected to look for new opportunities on a daily basis to improve distribution, sales and service and communicate findings to your pre-salesmen. This will benefit you now monetarily and in the future when other areas of opportunity arise.


  • Strive to dominate the competition with all forms of available point-of-sale. Look for proper p.o.s. pieces that are available in the p.o.s. room with your salesman.
  • Monitor all Anheuser-Busch products in the market in each account and track / communicate slow selling products to faster moving accounts. Communicate any problems with the Team Leader
  • Apply all specified theme point-of-sale material
  • Assist in building, merchandising and maintaining all primary and secondary displays according to your IMPACT Specific account objectives. This is a very important TEAM effort and is not Job Specific to any one person.


  • Face all product labels visible to consumer during each account delivery
  • Deliver  product in an efficient and effective manner to each account assigned
  • Inform office of any changes that occur on your assigned accounts
  • Create, develop and maintain goodwill in assigned accounts
  • Monitor backroom stock for neatness
  • Honor all business commitments on time
  • Service customer requests daily and inform supervisor if unreasonable
  • Assist with “on call” weekend deliveries, pull-up and special events as requested
  • Make sure that each of your retailers knows you and your helper’s proper name.
  • If means available, it would be in your best interest towards the customers relationship with you if they have a way to contact you for questions regarding your job description.

Related Sales Responsibilities

  • Manage and train Route Assistants( This is a direct reflection on your abilities and will be considered in future opportunities)
  • Report for work in and maintain a neat, clean and current sales uniform
  • Maintain a current class “A” CDL and inform your Team Leader regarding any changes or violations immediately
  • Maintain a current D.O.T. physical card
  • Perform pre and post trip inspections and fill out required D.O.T. paperwork daily
  • Drive assigned vehicle safely and maintain a safe driving record
  • Report any accident immediately using the proper documentation.
  • Document responsibility for any careless damage to company property immediately  (This directly affects the profitability of the company hence affecting your wages, bonuses and or other tools associated with performing your job responsibilities)
  • Keep assigned delivery vehicle neat and clean, inside and out, on a daily basis
  • Clean and wash assigned delivery vehicle once per week or more often as needed
  • Clean your work area daily (This should be a team effort between you and your delivery helper)
  • Monitor complete selling tools on assigned route delivery vehicle at all times (i.e. point of sale merchandise, theme P.O.S. or generic signage)
  • Maintain accurate records and process all orders, reports and forms as required
  • Notify management of any route opportunities to provide the best possible service
  • Make accurate daily route bank deposits
  • Report all competitive activities
  • Follow safety practices as required by company policies
  • Follow Anheuser-Busch policies and procedures
  • Follow all company policies and procedures as detailed in the company policy handbook.  It is your responsibility to read and ask questions before assuming
  • Supervise Route Assistants while on your route.  Inform the Delivery Supervisor of any problems
  • Always speak positively about all company matters including, but not limited to, products, policies, fellow employees, Anheuser-Busch and other customers
  • Complete IMPACT Specific documentation each month within requested time frame for payout
  • All company property and money is to be safeguarded as if it was your personal property.  Any company property that is damaged or money that is short will be your responsibility to pay back to the company.  When filling in for a driver on a route, you are in charge of all monies and property.

Physical Requirements

  • Able to lift up to fifty (50) pounds routinely.
  • Able to walk, reach overhead, stoop, and bend.
  • Enter and exit tractor multiple times throughout the day.
  • Push and pull carts weighing over one hundred (100) pounds.

This job standard is not intended to be all-inclusive.  The employee assigned to this position will be expected to perform other reasonably related business duties as requested by the immediate supervisor and other management as required.

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