Student Success Navigator, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Job title: Student Success Navigator, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Company: Mississippi University for Women

Job description: Position Information

Position Title Student Success Navigator, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Unit Name Nursing Shared Educational Resources

Salary Grade 7

Number of Months 12 months

Full-time or Part-time Full-Time

Hours per week 40

Proposed Annual Salary, Hourly Rate or One-time payment

Essential Duties

  • Assesses student success needs.
  • Identifies student barriers to success and effectively intervenes.
  • Assists student to develop a plan for meeting identified student needs.
  • Works with the Student Success Center in the reporting of data and the implementation of student success and retention strategies.
  • Counsels and refers students to appropriate resources including but not limited to: academic success resources, scholarships, part-time or student worker employment, and other essential support services needed by individual students.
  • Is knowledgeable of strategies and techniques for educating under-prepared and underachieving students.
  • Assists students to access needed resources.
  • Collaborates with dean, department chairs/directors and faculty regarding needs of students and follows-up with any needed student referrals and assistance.
  • Conducts small and large group sessions on topics that present barriers to success, such as: time management, organizational skills, stress management, setting priorities, test-taking skills, learning styles, and math skills.
  • Supports College and University enrollment strategies by assisting in the development of promotional materials, developing strategies for identifying prospective students, contacting prospective students, etc.
  • Organizes and leads student support groups related to retention and academic success of students.
  • Participates in orientation sessions for students.
  • Advises first and second year pre-nursing students.
  • Advises first and second year speech-language pathology students as referred.
  • Works with faculty in teaching UN 101 Introduction to College Life.
  • Understands the General Education Curriculum requirements as they relate to programs in the college as well as to other programs in the university that may be of interest to students who are not admitted to the nursing major or the upper-level speech-language pathology courses.
  • Assists students in finding/declaring appropriate alternate majors if the student does not meet the minimal admission requirements for the major or is not admitted to the major by the time all university General Education Core courses are completed.
  • Advises and tracks retention and progress of first and second year students from the point of admission through the first two years and/or completion of the General Education Core requirements and declaration of another major, if not admitted to the nursing major or the upper-level speech-language pathology courses. Works with Navigator for the new college to ensure a smooth transition for the student into the new major.
  • Is knowledgeable of and effectively uses current university procedures to assist student progression such as Early Alert.
  • Serves on committees as assigned within the college or university.
  • Participates in college related activities as indicated.
  • Understands the challenges faced by online, first-generation, low ACT, high ACT and returning college students.
  • Works closely with appropriate university offices to resolve barriers to student success including Student Success Center, Student Affairs, Admissions, Counseling, Financial Aid, Registrar, University Accounting, Career Services, etc
  • Is familiar with dual enrollment and high school curricula.
  • Works closely with community college counselors and faculty to assist with the transition of transfer students.
  • Is familiar with latest best practices in advising/retention and provides support to faculty.
  • Gathers and analyzes placement and retention data related to nursing and speech-language pathology students and works with Institutional Research to link college placement and retention data as needed.
  • Must remain continuously updated on curricula changes.
  • Uses appropriate technology systems designed to support student success efforts.
  • Works closely with the College to develop programmatic assessment strategies including the distribution and analysis of student perception instruments and the tracking of graduates’ job placement efforts.
  • Maintain relationships with students post-graduation to ensure that each graduate remains a part of the W family.
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree required (or above) in a related area such as counseling, social work, education, etc.
  • Preferred, but not required that the successful candidate have experience with campus engagement either as a student or as a support professional. Preferred, but not required that the successful candidate have knowledge or experiences working with community college transfer students.
  • Requires more than 1 year but less than or equal to 3 years’ experience.

Computer Skills:

  • A foundation of basic computer skills (e.g. word processing, spreadsheet analysis) as well as proficiency with all the latest communication technologies and social media.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills, excellent written communication skills, excellent motivational skills, and the willingness to spend time building relationships with prospective students in-person as on the telephone and through other forms of electronic communication.
  • Must be extremely well-organized, extremely detail oriented, and must want the responsibility of managing projects and relationships while regularly reporting on the results.
  • Must be comfortable with all the latest communication technologies and social media.

Job Description Summary

The Student Success Navigator is an academic adviser who functions primarily to assist students with any academic or personal barriers to success. The Student Success Navigator works closely with students, faculty, and university offices on matters relating to student advising, persistence, and retention.

Hours of Availability

Requisition Detail Information

Requisition Number FY20390NF

Open Date 06/20/2022

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Location: Mississippi

Job date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 07:33:40 GMT

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