Technical / Parts Support Specialist for Machinery, Machinist, CNC

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Job Description

Quality Machine Tools / Precision Matthews Machinery Co. is looking to add highly qualified people to our team to handle phone/email based parts and technical support for our products.

The person filling this important role will be glad they joined our company. Our compensation and benefit package is excellent, and turnover is extremely low.

We a fast growing company, and have been in business for over 20 years. This will be an excellent opportunity for someone looking to advance their career. We offer many great benefits including UMPC Health Insurance, Dental, and Vision Insurance, 401K matching program, paid vacation, direct deposit, bonus program, and paid holidays.

We’ve never experienced a slowdown which caused a need to downsize or lay people off. Our full staff was even kept on full time through the entire Covid-19 ordeal and we continue to grow at a steady pace.

The pay range shown is wide, and depends greatly on experience and ability to do what is needed. Our outlook is very simple: If you are willing to put in the work to help grow the company, your position will grow with us, you will be noticed, you will be appreciated, and you will be compensated well.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Identify and resolve technical problems that customers are experiencing with our products
  • Assist in tracking and completing help desk tickets pertaining to machine troubleshooting from start to finish
  • Provide operational technical support for our lathes, mills, saws, and accessories
  • Work with our factories and vendors to secure parts
  • Maintain our inventory of repair parts
  • Evaluate returned parts for defects or issues
  • Assist in the creation of new product listings
  • Assist in listing items that are returned/discounted on various marketplaces (eBay, etc.)
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Simplified Job Scenarios listed below, just to help explain some of what this job consists of, in easier to understand terms:

  • Example 1: A customer will have an issue with their machine/product not working correctly, and will contact us either by phone or email for help. You will need to work with this customer to determine the issue, and if they need a part, you will have the defective part sent to them. If we do not have the part in stock, you will need to handle the ordering of this part from the source it comes from. It is very important to follow through and complete each task in a timely manor so that the customers are happy with the result and their issue is handled.
  • Example 2: A customer needs a part, this part number is already identified and in stock. You take the order for the part, process payment, or email them a payment link, then the part is shipped out by our shipping dept.
  • Example 3: A customer needs a part, but they can not find it listed anywhere. While most parts are already in our manuals, occasionally you will come across something without a part number in our inventory system. You will need to figure out what this part is, make a part number for it, and have it added to our inventory system, add it to the manual, and order this part from the factory.
  • Example 4: A customer will send an item back for return/replacement. You will evaluate this item to see if there is anything wrong with it. If not, you can re-stock this part on the shelf, and process the refund for the customer. If there is a problem with it, you will note this problem and determine if the item can be sold off at a discount, or if this item needs to be disposed of.
  • Example 5: You will take items that were returned and determined can be sold discounted, and list these items for sale or marketplaces such as eBay.
  • Example 6: A shipment comes in with spare parts that are not able to be identified by our warehouse staff. You would identify, inventory, label, and stock these parts in the appropriate location.


  • Minimum 4 years of related work experience required, OR a combination of extensive experience in your own home shop with this type of equipment along with other skills that are needed
  • Knowledge of general equipment repairs on equipment including metal lathes, milling machines, band saws, and related. (for now all of our equipment is manual only, but hobby type CNC experience/builds is a plus, be sure to note that if you have it)
  • Basic knowledge of machining operations required (turning, milling, etc.)
  • Ability to troubleshoot electrical problems, knowledge of items such as motor start capacitors, motors, contactors, VFDs, etc.
  • Experience in parts support; part numbering systems, cross referencing, identifying unknown parts, etc.
  • Knowledge or ability to learn Quickbooks Enterprise edition, which is what we use to keep track of our inventory and orders.

Other Requirements:

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Must maintain a very neat work area
  • Very detail oriented
  • Must be a self starter and able to take the lead to complete tasks as they come up
  • Computer literate (email, tech support tickets, Quickbooks Enterprise, Adobe PDF, etc. Adobe In-design and Photoshop not required, but would be a plus)
  • Ability to communicate effectively and politely with customers
  • Excellent attention to detail and good diagnostic and analytical skills
  • Must be able to work later hours. Many of our customers are on the west coast, so we must be able to support them. Working hours for this position would start as Monday through Friday 10am to 6:30pm.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $20 – $30 per hour

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