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4 hours ago
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Schedule includes every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Must be willing to work holidays if holiday falls on any scheduled day.

Learn correct way to start or stop a setter or hatcher, checking the machine after restarting for proper operation.

Secure plastic drum liners for each drum used with transferring of eggs.

Learn proper pulling and turning procedure for transferring eggs from the setter to the hatcher.

Loosen all adhered shell and yolk from the tray before returning the tray to the egg rack.

Record the time of starting and finishing setting or trans- ferring on the appropriate forms.

Remove from the setter any broken eggs or chicks found during the setting or transferring process; and clean and disinfect the aisle of each machine before restarting the machine.

Clean and disinfect the setter and hatcher room floors after each setting or transferring.

Assist with the operation of the traywasher when washing setter trays, placing cleaned racks in the designated areas for their next use, and after completing all trays, cleans the traywasher and traywasher room.

File the appropriate report giving the correct number of trays washed and the time required to wash.

Fumigate hatchers by the prescribed method, after transferring.

Place formaldehyde in the machines for continuous fumigation.

Report to the Transfer Crew Leader all mechanical or egg problems encountered.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Transfer Crew Leader.

Must be able to life 100 pounds.

Must be able to work in hot, humid areas, dust, foul odors, chemical reactions and in awkward positions.

Schedule includes every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

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